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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Study on Employee Motivation - Project Report

This study helps to know the satisfaction level of employees with the motivational factors used by the company. This project had been undertaken by me to find out the needs and wants of the employees. Under this Study a questionnaire which constituted questions relating to the employees expectation. The gathered data had been critically analyzed relating to employee motivations.


The needs for the study are given below such as follows.
• To study and know the employee motivation scenario in “Anglo French Textiles Limited”.

• To know the employees satisfied level with the motivation factors undertaken by the company.

• To identify how the organization motivates the employees.

• To measure the level of performance before and after motivation to find out the improvement factors for motivating the employees.

=> To identify the different ways in the organization to motivate the employees.

=> To find out the factors that affect the employee’s motivation provided by an organization.

=> To know how motivation creates job satisfaction among the Employees.

=> To identify the significance of motivation that has an impact on productivity.

=> To identify the factors which bring high level of satisfaction.

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jullia said...

Thanks for sharing such valuable information.Keep posting such great info for us thanks.

Anonymous said...

CASE STUDY: XYZee Corporation

XYZee Corporation is a leading national organization dealing in production, marketing, sales and distribution of consumer goods. It has a wide span structure lead by the owner Mr. Saleem Ahmad (CEO). There are over 1000 employees in this company, the top management comprises of highly qualified and trained people and they are highly paid as compared to middle and lower management which is under-paid. CEO is a high caliber, young and dynamic person who has exceptionally developed decision power but he is very demanding and gives challenging tasks to his employees. The company products are considered as of very high quality by the customers and this quality image exerts more pressure on marketing and sales to increase the sales. There is high turn over in its marketing and sales function at all levels. On the other hand employees are mostly dissatisfied by the management policies and seek opportunities in other organizations. Due to this reason quality human resource is not attracted and company environment is highly unpredictable and volatile. Considering all these factors the CEO decides to hire an HR manager to rectify the situation.
Mr. Zahid Khan, a young and talented person has accepted this challenge and has joined XYZee Corporation as Human Resource Manager. His first assignment was to fill the 8 vacant positions at top and middle management level. He asked the senior managers for referrals but everyone refused and said they can’t recommend any person to join this very uncertain organization. He finally decided to give a blind box advertisement, but this effort also could not prove fruitful as majority of the short-listed candidates refused to join when they knew the name of the organization. In the meantime another position became vacant as Administration Manager left the company. His assistant was given the charge but it was very compromising decision, the person was not capable of handling the administration tasks effectively.
CEO called a meeting with HRM and advised that since we are not getting good people from outside, we must promote the people from within the organization that would give motivation to the employees. So a committee comprising of Directors and CEO suggested the names of 2 Brand Managers (Mr. Anwer and Mr. Zaheer) for consideration as Marketing Managers. Zahid could not give any input being new comer and both the probables were promoted.
Anwer left the company within next three months and decided to join another company at lower position (Brand Manager) while Zaheer continued but his performance kept on declining trend and eventually he was fired. This created another series of unrest in the company. Zahid decided that may be the management has compromised on the candidates and they were not fully developed to take up better positions so he decided to introduce job rotation as a development process for talented employees. But when he announced the job rotation scheme, there was hardly any person to accept this offer for the reasons of uncertainty and no job security. Mostly the front line managers were taking this organization as a learning ground to gain some experience and switch to other better opportunities. So Zahid Khan had to increase his efforts to get the new people. At the same time he was tired of seeing a bunch of resignations on daily basis. The daily meetings with the directors also created frustration for him as he could not do any thing to justify his position in the company.

 Please discuss within groups:
 What are the main problems in the organization?
 Is Mr. Zahid doing the right things for the company?
 How Mr. Zahid should take charge of the situation?
 What actions do you suggest for him?
 Do you think improvement initiatives would change the fate of XYZee Corporation? How long it will take?

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