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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Questionnaire on Communication in Teamwork

For Every question there are five options.
=> Absolutely not
=> No
=> I don’t know
=> Yes
=> Yes, very much

1) I’ve reached my personal goals through the team’s work .
2) I’ve cooperated with the team without concerning the outcome of my personal goals.
3) I’ve cooperated with the team because this is the way to reach my personal goals.
4) The team has reached its goals through the group work.
5) Without computer mediated cooperative work our task could not be possible.
6) The internal communication and the tasks distribution has been done well.
7) The internal communication of the tasks and the performance have been fairly done.
8) If I worked on my own, I could have had  a better solution.
9) There was adequate participation from each member of the team.
10) I was able to share my thoughts and ideas freely with my team.
11) There were one or two members of my team who dominated the discussion.
12) The others members of my team paid attention to the comments I made.
13) I am satisfied with the conclusions that my team reached.
14) If my team had more time, we would have reached at a better solution.
15) I am satisfied by my team’s performance.
16) The task assigned to me has improved my ability of work.
17) I was comfortable to share my thoughts and ideas with my team members.
18) I shared with my team members all of the relevant control procedures I could think of.
19) I did not share all of my ideas about control procedures for fear of criticism from my team members.
20) I had time pressure for to finish the task assigned to me in the team.
21) I have taken some decisions about my team’s tasks under time pressure.
22) The team has been sensible to the cultural diversity of the members.
23) The team has been sensible to the different work rhythms and skill levels of its members.
24) The team’s work has been totally distributed, with multiple leaders, according to the different situations.
25) The team’s work has been done under a clear and unique leadership in all situations.
26) I prefer to working face to face in a team rather than through a computer network.
27) I enjoyed the work in this team and I learned a lot.
28) The team is one of the best in the field.

Additional comments: 
Do you have any suggestions for improving team performance e.g. some tools with the help of which the team could have been performed more better?

Thank you very much for your time and your participation!
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