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Friday, April 15, 2011

Inplant Training Project Reoprt

SWOT Analysis: -

1. Latest technology use in company.
2. RGI develop firstly because there environment positive & suitable to growth.
3. Biggest PT & CED line.
4. Use the Kaizen policy for the problem solution.

1. No strong management in company.
2. Difficulty in exporting some raw material.

1. New businesses with automobile industry it will improve sales turnover and profitability.
2. Opportunities invariably bring with company competition in every business and industry. And the recent years have seen influx of a large number of players with the result that competition is increasing in the automobile parts industries.
3. To increase the product rang
4. To achieve the zero customer complain
5. To get & achieve international standards.
1. Competition from other company they are also created the competition an Indian presence. The entry of new players in the business has made the automotive sector much more competitive affecting the pressures on margins.
2. A major threat lies in the escalation of raw material prices. Such price hikes are likely to put pressure on prices and could affect margin or demand.
3. Changes in government policy.
4. Entry of big/ large size companies.

Company plans to counter these threats by a stronger focus on reducing costs and increasing efficiency of operations.

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