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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Employee Satisfaction project Report

Need for the Study
Why Measure Employee Satisfaction
A company is only as strong and successful as its members, its employees, are. By measuring employee satisfaction in key areas, organizations can gain the information needed to improve employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. However, a recent study by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) indicated that often the HR department's perceptions of employee satisfaction versus the true measure of employee satisfaction are not always in sync.

Employees who aren’t satisfied with their jobs are very likely to leave. If they don’t leave they can become a source of bad morale and do a great deal of harm in the organization. In many cases employers without proper data will assume the wrong reasons for employee dissatisfaction. Many bosses will automatically think that money is the top reason for leaving a job. Wouldn’t it be better to have real data and react accordingly?

Surveying employees on a regular basis is a great way to stay in touch with the pulse of the business. Before launching a survey though it is important to establish the ground rules.

Many employees will be unwilling to express their honest feelings if they think they will be singled out. Make sure that the surveys are conducted with anonymity. Be certain to have the support of company management all the way to the top. Employees want to know that the leadership is behind the survey and that their responses will be taken seriously.

Explain that employee comments are important to the company. State what will be done with the results. And then live up to those statements. Employees will become doubtful of management’s intentions if they don’t follow through.

There are many resources to assist companies in the survey process. However most human resource managers are very capable of designing and conducting their own employee satisfaction survey.

Objectives of the study

Since this has been a startup company entering into second year, it wanted to check out levels of satisfaction before coming up with new policies to take future course of actions. I was given the task to understand the various aspects related to Employees satisfaction in the organization.
Halcyon also wanted to make out an external survey in indentifying the benefits other company offers to its Employees and compare those things along with the benefits offered by the company.
Organization also wanted to know Employees understanding of company’s mission and vision statement.
Company also wanted to check Employees satisfaction levels with their team leaders, with the Management and within the team members.
Some of the secondary objectives that I identified were:

• To measure Employees satisfaction on Compensation and Benefits.
• To find out the expectations of Employees from Management.
• To compare the desired satisfaction with the actual one.
• To compare the satisfaction in different levels i.e. female and male Employees, juniors and seniors and within different teams.

Scope of the study
The study covers all levels of Employees and various aspects of Employees like:
Identifying Employees attitudes towards various attributes at work place.
This study gives us an insight of how Employees see and perceive about Organization.
Interpersonal relations, Opportunities for career growth, Compensation and benefits,
Training and development, Working conditions, Communications, These aspects were taken into consideration to measure Employee Satisfaction at Halcyon Technologies.

Dimensions of employee satisfaction survey are
1. The knowledge of the company vision/ mission and strategies of employees?

2. Satisfaction with HR Policies and Procedures

3. How confident is the employee about the Company’s ability to reach its Goal?

4. Compensation and Benefits

5. Whether the company has made reasonable efforts to allow its Employees to balance their work and family?

6. Work Environments

7. Opportunities for growth

8. Whether individuals are respected in this company.

9. About Training Need

Download Full Project Report
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