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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Project Report on Employee Satisfaction


What does the term ‘Satisfaction’ imply to an employee? It implies nothing else than the feeling of either being contended or non-contended on using a product.

Employee Satisfaction is a prerequisite for the customer satisfaction.
Enhanced employee satisfaction leads to higher level of employee retention.
A stable and committed workforce ensures successful knowledge transfer, sharing, and creation --- a key to continuous improvement, innovation, and knowledge-based total customer satisfaction.

When companies are committed with providing high quality products and services; when companies set high work standards for their employees; and when employees are empowered through training and development, provided with knowledge and information, permitted to make mistakes without punishment, and trusted; they will experience an increase in their level of satisfaction at work.
This level of satisfaction can be enhanced further if teamwork and visionary leadership are introduced.

Continuous improvement comes from the efforts of the empowered employees motivated by visionary leadership. This is supported by the findings that empowerment and visionary leadership both have significant correlation with employee satisfaction. Teamwork is also supported by the findings. In addition, the study found significant correlation between employee satisfaction and employee’s intention to leave.

The success of a corporation depends very much on customer satisfaction. A high level of customer service leads to customer retention, thus offering growth and profit opportunities to the organization. There is a strong relationship between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees are more likely to stay with company and become committed and have more likely to be motivated to provide high level of customer service, by doing so will also further enhance the employee’s satisfaction through feeling of achievement. Enhanced employee satisfaction leads to improved employee retention; and employee stability ensures the successful implementation of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction will no doubt lead to corporate success and greater job security. These will further enhance employee satisfaction. Therefore, employee satisfaction is a prerequisite for customer satisfaction.

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deepika said...

can you e-mail the project report on employee satisfaction on Indian base company.The work profile of soil testing and pile testing and survey work. My e-mail id is

Sharad Gaud said...

hi, can you please sent me the report on employee satisfaction as one of my friend needs it fot refernce.
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Sharad Gaud

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