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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Training And Development Project Report

very organization needs to have well-trained and experienced people to perform
the activities that have to be done. So it is necessary to raise skill levels and
increase the versatility and adaptability of employees. Inadequate job performance or a decline in productivity or changes resulting out of job redesigning or a technological break-through require some type of training and development efforts. As jobs become more complex, the importance of employee development also increases.

In a rapidly changing society, employee training and development is not only an activity that is desirable but also an activity that an organization must commit resources to if it is maintain a viable and knowledgeable workforce“.

Training is a process of learning a sequence of programmed behaviour. It is application of knowledge. It gives people an awareness of the rules and procedures to guide their behaviour. It attempts to improve their performance on the current job or prepare them for an intended job. Development is the related process. It covers not only those activities, which improve job performance, but also those, which bring about growth of the personality; help individuals in the progress towards maturity and actualization of their potential capacities so that they become not only good employees but also better men and women. Training a person for a bigger and higher job is development.
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Anonymous said...

i m doing the training of your company

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