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Monday, December 21, 2009

Project Report on Hospital/Healthcare

Health care means a wide and intensive form of services, which will be related to well being of human beings. Health Care is a social sector. Health Care services are provided at state level with the help of central government.
Health care is a wide and intensive industry, which covers Hospitals, Health Insurances, Medical software, Health- equipments and Pharmacy in it.

Major inputs of health care industry
The major inputs of health care industries are as listed below:
I. Hospitals
II. Medical insurance
III. Medical software
IV. Health equipments

Overview of health care sector in India:
India’s healthcare sector has made impressive strides in recent years. It has transformed to a US$ 17 billion industry and is surging ahead with an annual growth rate of 13% a year. The healthcare industry in India expected to grow in size to Rs 270,000 core by 2012. The healthcare industry employs over four million people, which makes it one of the largest service sectors in the economy of our country.

Healthcare is dependent on the people served; India’s huge population of a billion people represents a big opportunity. People are spending more on healthcare. The rise in literacy rate; the higher levels of income; and an increased awareness through the deep penetration of media, has constituted to greater attention being paid to health. India has a very low density of doctors. Infant mortality is amongst the highest in India.

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