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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Organizational Climate Survey Project Report


It is a social arrangement of people who pursue collective goals, which controls its own performance & has a boundary separating itself from the environment
Employee climate survey: - They are studies of employees perceptions and perspectives of an organization. The surveys address attitudes and concerns that help the organization work with employees to instill positive changes.

Climate survey as a Tool:-
  • Assesses Company Values: - A Survey helps an organization to assess it own values so that the organization comes to know that the Employees are following the set of values and they are satisfied with it or not.
  •  Making strategic decisions: - A Survey helps the organizations to take some strategic decisions as all the decisions can’t be taken by the top level alone it needs to consult the middle level and low level employees also.
  •  Identifies Competency levels: - Climate survey helps the management to identify the competency levels of its employees and it can manage the work force accordingly.
  •  Setting Organizational Goals: - The management can set and reset the goals of the organization according to the work culture followed.
  •  Tracking Process: - Survey helps the organization to keep a track on the process that is being performed in the organization so that it could bring any changes if needed at the right time and right place.
  •  Addressing Critical Issues: - A survey is also used to address and highlight the critical issue that needs to come into the eye of the employees as well as the management.

Benefits of Organizational Climate Survey:-
  • Increase in Productivity: - The climate survey helps the organization by providing a better work environment for its employees so that they are motivated and work efficiently.
  • Reorganization of a Company: - Climate survey can also help the management to reorganize the structure of the company.
  • Introduction of a new Product/Service: - In today’s environment no new product or service can be launched without conducting a market research about the particular product or service. It also helps the company to understand and locate their Target Market.
  • Company Relocation: - If a company wants to shift the plant from one place to another, Climate survey is a way in which it can approach its employees and know what their views about the relocation of the plant are and are they willing to shift to new place.
  • Change in Policies: - If an organization has brought any change in the policies of the company, climate survey is an way through which it can know what the employees of the organization feel about the new policies.

 Download Project report below -

Organizational Climate Survey Project Report                                                                                                                                                 


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