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Monday, October 19, 2009

Service Quality Project Report

The subject of service quality has aroused considerable recent interest among business people and academics. Of course, buyers have always been concerned with quality, but the increasing competitive market for many services has led consumers to become more selective in the services they choose. Conceptualizing the quality for services is more complex than for goods. Because of the absence of tangible manifestations, measuring service quality can be difficult but there are possible research approaches. Comprehensive models of service quality and there limitations can be studied. Understanding just what dimensions of quality are of importance to customers is not always easy in their evaluation process. It is not sufficient for companies to set quality standards in accordance with misguided assumptions of customers’ expectations. A further problem in defining service quality lies in the importance which customers often attach to the quality if the service provider is distinct from its service offers – the two cannot be separated as readily as in the case of goods. Finally, issues relating to the setting of quality standards and implementation of quality management should be studied.

Quality improvement and adherence to accepted norms of quality are central to the modern concept of marketing of services. The quality of service delivery results in customer satisfaction and their retention as it reinforces the perception that the value of the service received is greater that the price paid for it. Some important concepts are:
Modern quality concepts result in better profitability, which is the main goal of all the business.
Quality control has much to do with changing the frame of min d and psychology of the service provider and particularly the front-end and back-end employees actually providing the services. We need to know how this fundamental change in attitude can be brought about.
Traditionally, most service providers have felt that they know all there is to know about the customers and their requirements. This smug or self-satisfied approach needs to be changed.
Development of feedback systems is very essential part of the quality improvement. How this can be used to develop better quality standards is an issue of immense importance.
Goal setting and adherence to the goals are both essential to ensure continuous improvement in the quality standards.

Service Quality Project Report


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