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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Organizational Climate Survey Synopsis



Objective of Organizational Climate Survey:

Organizational Climate Survey is a valuable tool for measuring cultural alignment, addressing critical issues, making strategic decisions, setting organizational goals and tracking progress. The Climate Survey captures the pulse of the organization, assesses company values, identifies competency levels, identifies policy impact and guides leadership decisions to improve effectiveness and morale.


“Improving the climate in any organization is likely to increase the employee morale”.

Project Contents:

a)    Defining the objectives and the Hypothesis.
b)    The list of questioners categorized in different groups.
c)    The responses of the employees questioned.
d)    Graphs & Charts quantifying the reponses.
e)    Tracing the areas of improvements in the organization.
f)     Benefits of Organizational Climate Surveys.

 Research Methodology:
In our research we will be carrying out the survey in the companies which we will visit and the questioners prepared based on the following parameters:

1)    Organizational Design
2)    Individual Job Characteristics
3)    Co-worker relations
4)    Culture/ Work Environment
5)    Senior Management
6)    Direct Supervisor
7)    Work Process
8)    Communications
9)    Technology
10) Customer Satisfaction
11)  Decision Making

So based on the questions from these categories the responses will be obtained and accordingly will help us in getting the feedback.

 Analyzing the Situation:
 Employees being the internal customer of any organization need to be Accountable, Trust worthy, should be adaptable enough to collaborate with the change in climate of the organization as they are directly related to the efficiency of the company which would ultimately result in a high rate of profitability.


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thanks your material is very useful to me.

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