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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Recruitment Process at BHEL - Project Report

Executive Summary

The objective of the study is to analyze the actual recruitment process in BHEL and to evaluate how far this process confirm to the purposes underlying the operational aspects of the industry. How far the process is accepted by it? The study on recruitment highlights the need of recruitment in BHEL.

Human resource is a most valuable asset in the Organization. Profitability of the Organization depends on its utilization. If their utilization is done properly Organization will make profit otherwise it will make loss. If a good dancer appointed as a Chief Executive Officer of a Company, he may not run the business. So right man should be procured at right place in right time, otherwise their proper utilization may not be done. To procure right man at right place in right time, some information regarding job and job doer is highly essential. These information are obtained through Job Analysis, Job Descriptions, Job Specifications. BHEL procure manpower in a very scientific manner . It gets information by use of these important documents like Job Analysis, Job Descriptions and Job Specifications. Without these recruitment may be unsuccessful.

Recruitment Process at BHEL - project Report


rajkumar said...

BHEL is a horrible recruiter. the recruitment process is a farce. in case of engineer trainees & executive trainees bhel has fixed a shortlisting process based on marks secured by the individual in his/her professional exam. while upsc has fixed a percentage cutoff for applying BHEL shortlists the TOP 15% of engineers who apply for a job. the people who score high grades are not from good state govt. colleges or NITs or IITs but the two room private colleges which have mushroomed up in the near past. also much recruitment is based on nepotism.

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