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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Advantages of Competency Mapping

For the company
The advantages of competency mapping for the companies or organizations are as follows:
• Establishes expectations for performance excellence
• Improved job satisfaction and better employee retention
• Increase in the effectiveness of training and professional development programs because of their link to success criteria.
• Provides a common understanding of scope and requirements of a specific role
• Provides a common, organization wide standard for career levels that enable employees to move across business boundaries.
• Help companies “raise the bar” of performance expectations
• Help teams and individuals align their behaviors with key organizational strategies

For Managers
The competency mapping provides following advantages to the managers:
• Identify performance criteria to improve the accuracy and ease of the selection process
• Easier communication of performance expectations
• Provide a clear foundation for dialogue to occur between the managers and employees and performance, development and career-oriented issues

For employees
The employees in an organization get the following advantages by competency mapping:
• Identify the behavioral standards of performance excellence
•Provide a more specific and objective assessment of their strengths and the tools required to enhance their skills
• Enhances clarity on career related issues
• Helps each understand how to achieve expectations


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