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Monday, November 2, 2009

Challenges faced by recruiters in Max Newyork Life Insurance

Indian insurance industry is emerging rapidly after year 2000. To survive in this highly competitive scenario, managers are being pressured to improve quality, recruit quality and skilled people and eliminate inefficiency. The collective efforts of the employer, managers and other relative people assume relevance in this context. And this is where marketing management and human resources play important role.
Recruitment is very important in today’s scenario. But still it is ignored and considered as a secondary aspect. In case of insurance industry recruitment only decide success or failure of company.

I have made an attempt to study this aspect of Insurance industry in my project. In this project, recruitment for developing channel at Max New York Life is considered. I have tried to find out how exactly recruitment is very important for this firm as well as this industry, which are the different strategies firm use to recruit quality people and so on. It is more qualitative rather than a quantitative data.
To get knowledge of above question and to fulfill the requirements for my project on “Channel Development At Max New York Life”, I have worked in MNYL and searched some internet sites.
On the basis of my study, I have included following topics as the important aspect of Channel Development At Max New York Life.

=> Insurance industry introduction.
=> Strategies for recruitment.
=> Eligibility of recruitment and so on.
In this project I have tried to give attention to all the above topics and study them in depth. But I would still like to receive all sorts feedback to enhance my knowledge on the topics as far as this industry is concern.

Challenges Faced by Recruiters in Max Life Insurance


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