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Friday, November 13, 2009

Human Resources Document Control & Management

Is your Human Resources department drowning in paper? Human Resource departments are notorious for tremendous amounts of paper due to the primary processes they maintain such as Recruiting documents, Hiring and Job Applications, Employee Reviews / Writeups, I9 Forms, and Benefit Documentation to name a few.

But most importantly with the onset of a multitude of regulatory acts to comply with, such as HIPAA, FERPA, FACTA, FMLA the Human Resources department needs to know all of that documentation is secure from theft or intrusion. And having these as paper documents can open a company up to loss in other ways as well, like for instance a fire of the facility. If there is no external archive of every single document that company has
lost valuable information.

There is a better way to meet these requirements AND insert efficiency for your HR department using a document conversion process. You can take all of those invaluable documents holding the personal information of all you present and past employees and putting them in to a digital format that is more readily available and archive-able.

1. Reduce your storage costs – Open up the space you are currently using to file all of these documents and either make is more productive or no longer pay the monthly rent.

2. Reduce you document retrieval costs – An average of 7 minutes is spent every time you have to look for a paper document, reduce that time to seconds by using an internal, secure, search feature.

3. Increase document security – You have unlimited control over every document that is converted to a digital format. You can give admin rights to certain people in your company allowing them access to only certain level files, and give the managers increased access. And when an employee changes positions you can immediately revoke their access.

4. Regulatory document compliance – Regulatory acts can be integrated in the system as they are created without having to duplicate and move heavy paper files to a different secure facility. You can require ‘need to know’ verification access as well.

Imagine having a desk that is not covered in paper, and being able to respond to employee requests with the use of your keyboard. That is the daily objective of document conversion and management, because converting paper documents is only part of the solution. The HR department needs to have ultimate control over every document for individual security as well as meeting regulatory compliance.

Selecting a document management system should account for the applications and processes you currently have in place. Because the new system should integrate in to your current work environment applications and allow you to easily transfer your current process in to a more efficient system. If you are having to recreate your entire process for the department to fit a new document management software I would highly recommend that you continue to research or verify that you NEED to make that change. Some companies do … but in general, most companies have a smooth HR process transition.


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