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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Training & Development in Sahara india Pvt. Ltd. Project Report

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT is a subsystem of an organization. It ensures that randomness is reduced and learning or behavioral change takes place in structured format. It is concerned with the structure and delivery of acquisition of knowledge to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organization. Therefore, training is a key to optimizing utilization human intellectual technological and entrepreneurial skills.

There are four phases of training in Sahara India-Training need analysis, Training design, Training implementation and Training evaluation. Training evaluation is the most important part of training process which refers to activities aimed at finding out the effectiveness of training programme after they are conducted, against the objective for which such programmes were organized. Training evaluation techniques give us solution to answer questions like where was the capability level of learners before the programme and where is it now, what was intended to be achieved by particular programme and where is really achieved now, and what is the monitory value of training outcome against the cost incurred for conducting the training programme. The key issues involve staffing policies selecting and retaining talented employee, training and development whilst encouraging employees to be innovative and creative, culture barriers, and legal frame work. Sahara India Pariwar provides soft skill development training to their employees. But still they need to work on providing product/process development training. To evaluate the training program, questionnaire is the most popular method in Sahara India.

Training initiatives and programs have become a priority for Human Resources. As business markets change due to an increase in technology initiatives, companies need to spend more time and money on training employees. In today’s business climate employee development is critical to corporate success and organizations are investing more in their employees training and development needs.

Project of Hr on Sahara India


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